Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do Any of These Foods Bother You?

I just read an on WebMD about which five foods someone with fibromyalgia should avoid. (The link is below) I've previously heard that these foods should be avoided but the only one I've noticed causing a flare is aspartame, or any kind of artificial sweetener. My pain usually is centered around the trigger points in my muscles but, if I eat anything with an artificial sweetener, I get a headache and horrible "phantom" pains that feel like they are in my bones.


What about you? Have you noticed any of these foods triggering a flare or worsening your symptoms?

On a different note, I apologize for not blogging for such a long time and promise to do better, even if I just write short entries. We're all researching and finding different things that help or hinder and we definitely need to share our findings with one another.


stipeygirl75 said...

I am sensitive to ALL of these foods. I can't have any MSG or nutrasweet; they give me an instant migraine. I avoid gluten, yeast and dairy (a little doesn't kill me but I feel much better without). I've tried to switch to natural sweeteners as much as possible. I definitely feel better with less sugar. Same with caffeine and nightshades - I can tolerate a little but not much. It's almost uncanny that this article knows all my trigger foods!

Trisha Pearson said...

Wow, I guess I should work harder to try eliminating wheat, dairy and nightshades. I've heard quite a few people with fibro saying that they feel a lot better after eliminating wheat in particular. Thank you for sharing! It's good to hear recommendations from a real person before trying something so huge as eliminating these foods.

stipeygirl75 said...

Yeah, it is a lot to handle. I eliminated MSG first - I bought the "Battling the MSG Myth" cookbook by Deborah Anglesey. You can get it on Amazon for $24. It has a lot of awesome recipes that use unprocessed ingredients and of course, no MSG!! It really helped get me on the path to better cooking. Once I mastered that then I took the next step and got rid of gluten, dairy and eggs. I'm still working at it. I believe my body was missing certain nutrients over the years and it'll take time to replenish itself :( But it can be done!