Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Invisible Illness Week

I just ran across a link to an event in September - Bloggers Unite Invisible Illness Week. They are looking for bloggers to blog about their invisible illnesses during this week. Here's the link.

I tried to download the badge but...well, you know. Brain fog. Buy I wanted to at least get the link on here so I could try again on a clear day.

I want to do this to help spread awareness and to support and connect with others suffering from invisible illnesses. Will you join me? Click on the link and sign up!


Trisha Pearson said...

Hey look - I did it! Knowing the difference between right click and left click makes a huge difference. LOL

Bonnie said...

Trisha, I loved reading your article. The things you say always validate what I feel. Fibro may affect people in different ways but we all have the same thoughts in our heads. Thanks for allowing others to connect with you. Bonnie