Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And the worst mother of the year award goes to...

Me. I've been so tired this spring, I just haven't been able to keep up with my kids. My oldest is pretty easy. He showers, puts on clean clothes and does his homework without being told. My youngest is another story. He doesn't shower or put on clean clothes unless I remind him. One weekend, I went to do his laundry and he had none. That means for several days in a row (or possibly all week?) he walked out of the house wearing the clothes he had on the day before. And I didn't even notice. And just look at this pile of papers I found in his backpack:

There was homework from March in there. At some point during my long bout with fatigue, I stopped remembering to ask him about his homework. I guess I thought he would say something if he had some. But he didn't and it took me months to remember about homework again.

Last night, we went to his habitat night at school. All the kids made an animal from the African Savannah and wrote a report on it. I walked around the classroom looking at all their projects. I love seeing what the kids are doing. But while I was there, I realized I never did one thing with Daniel's class all year. I didn't volunteer for anything or come to any of their parties.

I wish I could do more events at the school. But with the fibro, I never know how I'll feel. I just can't be reliable enough to commit to showing up once a week. And I know I can't walk around all day long to go on a field trip with them. I have way too much pain to do that. And with the fog, I can't keep track of a group of kids. I can barely keep track of mine.

I'm guess I'm just feeling a little sad because 3rd grade is now over and I don't even feel like I was really here for it. I really wish they would come up with something to cure the fog. And the pain and fatigue, of course. But sometimes I feel like the fog is what's really stealing my life.

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