Monday, March 30, 2009

Creative Energy = Energy!

I've just discovered an interesting phenomenon. When I am in the state of getting inspired by new ideas (I call it downloading), I also "download" tons of physical energy. I don't understand the how or why, but I've experienced it so many times lately that it can't be coincidence.

Last week, I had been tired, achy and lethargic for several days and I was behind on all household chores. Then I started coming up with ideas for my writer's website. Soon, I had so much energy I found myself cooking three different things, tidying the house and taking out the garbage and recycling, all at once. After dinner, I still had so much energy I took the dog for a second walk. I even had a hard time coming down to go to sleep at night.

And yesterday I was, once again, tired, achy and cranky. The sun came out and we went for a walk but I just couldn't enjoy it. Then I started playing with my camera and went out taking pictures of flowers. Suddenly, I felt much, much better! I had energy. The achy, cranky feeling subsided in to the background.

Give it a try! Find something creative that gets you excited and go for it! It will make you feel better.

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