Monday, June 13, 2011

The Fog Days of Summer

After surviving the longest, wettest, coldest spring that I can remember in the Pacific Northwest, I am having trouble adjusting to the fact that it's mid June. Mid-June! Unbelievable. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that summer is right around the corner. Our weather is certainly not doing a thing to convince me that it is truly the middle of June.

Unfortunately, the thick bank of fibrofog that has descended on me is right on schedule. Maybe even a little early. I can't figure out why but mid-June to mid-July is my foggiest season but it is. And it really bums me out. My pain and stiffness are easing up and the feeling of general malaise is dissipating, so I should be doing really good. Why, why, WHY does this time of year always get ruined by the damn fog?

In the past, I've suspected maybe it's the adjustment to the kids being out of school and not getting into a routine right away. Maybe it's the sleeping in a little later and not getting out to walking the dog as early. But the fog is here and the kids are not yet out of school so that can't be it. It also can't be the typical weather pattern of marine clouds in the morning and afternoon sun because we haven't gotten to that yet. (Although that does seem to aggravate my fog).

Whatever it is, I wish it would go away. I hate feeling like this. I feel so disconnected from everyone and even from myself. I can't focus my eyes. I can't process half of what goes on around me. I can't think straight (or at all sometimes). Life just doesn't seem...real. It reminds me of when you're halfway to getting drunk, when your brain slows down and it feels like everything is moving too fast around you and shifting around in jerky motions. (At least that's how I remember feeling when halfway to drunk - I don't drink anymore. I spend too much of my life trying to obtain mentally clarity to throw it away on substances that make me feel weird!)

Somewhere in the distant, fogged in corners of my mind, I can remember posting an article about supplements to take to help with the fog. (Or did I only think about posting it?) I think it's time for me to hunt down that article and try some of those supplements because I do not want to feel like this for the next month.

Wherever you are, I hope your weather and your fibro symptoms are treating you better!



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